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SELECTED Sleep Straps
SELECTED Sleep Straps
SELECTED Sleep Straps
SELECTED Sleep Straps

Sleep Straps




Alton Goods, designed in Brisbane Australia.

Sleep Straps are a great way to make hanging your Alton Goods Kerouac hammock easy and quick. For one... there's no tying ropes so you don't have to be an expert with knots, and they are much friendlier on trees than rope.

Sold as a pair, Sleep Straps can be attached to pretty much anything by just wrapping each strap around the object then feeding it back through the loop on the end of the strap. The straps are 2.7 meters long and have 16 loops giving you the option to hang from trees of all different shapes and sizes. Add a set of these to your gear list so you can go lighter and go further on your next adventure.


  • 2 x 2.7m straps
  • 2.5cm wide
  • 400g
  • 180kg capacity (when used together)
  • Heavy duty stitched seams
  • Stuff sack included