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Brow mens


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Brow is literally Mr steal yo' girl in sock form. The James Dean of Odd Pears, this little Pear is like wearing your own private book collection on your toes with a secret stash of whiskey, cigars and leather chairs on the side. Once you pop these socks on your toots, we can't be responsible for who or what, you turn into. Hey, maybe you'll get lucky and quick your job in telesales and get discovered as the next Brad Pitt, maybe not. Maybe the James Dean fever will hit you so hard you'll wake up as a leather Jacket, or a motorcycle, and that would be a shame. But if you've got what it takes to rock these socks then you better grab a Pear, and get your comb and hair wax ready, cuz' your suave levels are about to soar.
Type: Mens Socks    
Vendor: Odd Pears

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