• BUCK Grooming Daily Face Scrub

BUCK Grooming Daily Face Scrub


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BUCK Grooming Daily Face Scrub is a 100% AUSTRALIAN made mens’ face scrub cream that comes in a perfect travel size tin. BUCK Grooming Daily Face Scrub has a gentle gritty texture with a fine jojoba bead that lifts any built up dirt. Ivory Australian Clay is the unrefined result of age old volcanic activity that gives this scrub it’s colour and consistency with an earthy aroma of cocoa butter, macadamia and sandalwood. Free from parabens, sulfates & artificial colours. Use BUCK Shaving Cream after cleansing the face to achieve a precise, cut throat shave.

    What makes it tick?

    Ivory Australian Clay: gives this scrub it’s texture and colour whilst performing duties like relieving tension. This mild, nurturing clay is the softest of all the medicinal clays and is perfect for those guys with sensitive skin.  

    Sandalwood Powder: is an aromatherapeutic stalwart, used to treat skin blemishes and acne for nearly 4000 years. As a tension reliever, Sandalwood Powder calms the nervous system and harmonises the mind.

    Apricot Kernal Oil: is a light oil rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E. It contains anti-aging agents and has been used in Chinese medicine to help cure various ulcers and tumours.

    Jojoba Beads: are biodegradable exfoliants deriving from the Jojoba shrub and commonly used to help treat sunburn. Jojoba beads act as a gentle cleanser to wash away bacteria and prepare the skin to be moisturised.

    Bamboo Powder: is gentle ingredient stemming from the Asian exotic reed, and it offers the benefits of silica - an essential element that remineralises the skin.

    Cocoa Butter: is the perfect constituent for dry, cracked skin and helps with onset exema and soriisus. The oils in cocoa butter tone the skin and keep it smooth and supple.

    Lavender Oil: is great for hypertension, blood circulation and is also widely used for alopecia (hair loss) and on men to assist in increasing facial hair growth for a fuller, stronger beard. 

    Type: Mens Accessories    
    Vendor: BUCK Grooming

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