Silver Original Salt Water Sandal


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Salt Water Sandals are your new Summer must have. The Sandal to top all other sandals. 

Your Salt Water Sandals are perfect for wearing to the beach, up on the sand or down in the sea. Staying true to their name Salt Water sandals love the water and getting them wet only helps speed up the process of them moulding to your foot shape. 

Made from soft real leather so you never have to go through that uncomfortable "wearing in" stage, they're good to go straight away. You just know you're going to have these hard wearing shoes for years to come. 


Sizing example if you are an Australian 5 you will be a Saltwater 3. You need to order in your Saltwater size (SW)

SW Size – AU Size

SW3                W5

SW4                W6

SW5                W7

SW6                W8

SW7                W9

SW8                W10

SW9                W11

Type: Footwear    
Vendor: Salt Water Sandals

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