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Jericho Road Clothing

Wombie Top


We are so excited to add sizes 18-22 to our line-up and equally as excited to introduce you to this brand new style, the boxy T dress.

She's a solid 10/10 in our opinion. We asked her what she rated herself but she was too humble to give us an actual number. She did throw a few things out there that she loves about herself though so we'll just jot those down for you below.

1. I'm SUUUUPER comfortable. Like, probably the most comfortable thing you may ever put on your beautiful bod. 
2. My round neckline means I only need to take my sunscreen down to the neck, not the décolletage and that's a real win. 
3. I've got sleeves! Again, sun-safe but also nice for you know, those days you just don't want to get your arms out. Wait, is that just me? 
4. I've got a cute button feature (just three) down the top of my back. It's my version of 'business at the front & party at the back' without having to get an actual mullet. 
5. I dress up and down real easy. 

See, she's so humble. 

Model wears a size 18 and is 163cm tall.

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Wombie Top

Wombie Top